Mango Mauler Soft Wash Surfactant 16oz & 80 Pouches

Size: 16oz
Sale price$29.99


Mango Mauler Soft Wash Surfactant

Mango Mauler is a hyper concentrated, sodium hypochlorite safe house and roof wash surfactant with excellent surface cling providing extended time for your sodium hypochlorite to go work. One 16oz pouch will replace up to one gallon of typical surfactants. Rinses easily, leaving a clean sweet smelling surface.

  • Super Concentrated
  • Strong Surface Cling
  • One 16oz pouch is equal to 1 gallon of typical surfactant
  • 1  16oz Pouch for 15 gallons!
  • Strong masking
  • Residential & commercial
  • Add 2 cups or 16oz per 130 gallons of mix

Mixing instructions on back of pouch.

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