Manatee Gear Drive with CRX 680cc 8gpm Pressure Washer w/General Pump

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Product Description

The Newest Soft Wash Depot Gear Drive is here!

 Featuring the Manatee Skid, CRX 680cc Motor, paired with a TSF2021 8gpm General Pump Commercial Pressure Washer.

Sku 1.0010

 This is a super light weight compact machine that is sure to deliver!

 8 Gallons Per Minute at 3500 PSI is a solid addition to any rig.

 This unit has a 20amp recharge system to keep your battery charged and also allow for your unit to run a Softwash or Hot Box without depleting the battery while out in the Field.


-CRX 680cc Motor

-CRX Low Oil Shut Off Sensor

-Ultra Quiet Lo-Fi Exhaust

-TSF2021 GP Pump

-The Manatee Skid


Soft Wash Depot Gear Drives ship with the best hose in the industry! All our builds include a Gun/ Wand Assembly, Tips, and a 50ft section of FIERCE JET Hose!

 Motor Oil : 10w30

Pump Oil: 30wt Non-Detergent

 This machine was born during a time where motors and parts from Manufacturers are being limited and hard to come by.

 With a new Motor on the scene. Many people have worries on the quality or the build. At Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair, we depend on high quality equipment to keep you business moving forward!

 The CRX line of Gear Drive Machines from Soft Wash Depot is designed to be an AFFORDABLE option for your business.

 Dependability and Affordability are huge when it comes to machine for your business. As the pressure washing and paver sealing industry continues to take off, we are glad to offer an affordable and reliable option for your business.

 We know when making a move to new machine, it can be risky. Your business depends on a quality machine that will get the job done timely.

 At SWD we are confident these machines will do everything you need to get the job done!

 So much so in fact that we are offering a special incentive just for you!

 These machines are AGGRESSIVELY priced! It’s going to be very hard to find a better value anywhere else for an 8GPM at 3500psi.

Built, tested and shipped directly to you! Call us today with any questions you have! 239-800-WASH


^Please NOTE^

** Due to High Demand 

Orders will ship within 1-4 Weeks, please be aware of possible production/availabilty delays. Our goal is to ship your equipment right away and fast shipping is our specialty. Please allow for proper time for build, testing, and shipping. 

** Many units are built to order, and need a few days to complete before shipping directly to you. If you need something shipped same day please give us a call at 239-800-WASH ** 

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