Manatee Gear Drive 5.5GPM at 3000PSI CRX420 With General Pump Pressure Washer

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Product Description

MGD-5530CG CRX420 w/ General Pump Gear Drive 5.5 GPM at 3000 PSI Commercial Pressure Washer.

 Our custom made MGD-5530CG is a large commercial unit with a very small compact footprint.

CRX420 With General Pump 5.5GPM Pump.

3000psi at 5.5 Gallons Per Minute Pressure Washer

 Manatee Gear Drives ship with the best hose in the industry! All our builds include a Gun/ Wand Assembly, Tips, and a 50ft section of FIERCE JET Hose!

 Motor Oil : 10w30

Pump Oil: 30wt Non-Detergent

 This Machine comes on a Skid variant as pictured or a Wheeled Cart variant. Both variations are the same price.


CRX420 Gear Drive 5.5GPM at 3000 PSI.

General Pump

3 Year Limited CRX Warranty




30" x 22" x 18"

SKU 1.0009


**Machines have a 1-2 Week lead time before shipping** Many units are built to order, and need a few days to complete before shipping directly to you. If you need something shipped same day please give us a call at 239-800-WASH.**

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