GP Zk1 Flow Sensitive Unloader 2-10GPM 3600PSI MAX

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Product Description

Standard Features:

  • Stainless Steel and Brass internal parts.
  • No external moving parts or springs.
  • Unique balance nozzle principle eliminates pressure peaks normally generated by conventionally designed unloaders as well as eliminating high pressure in all lines while unit is in by-pass mode.
  • Pressure in system during unloading cycle is determined by the inlet pressure to the system.
  • Motors draw less amps, engines run with less load during unloading cycle.
  • Piston design permits precise pressure adjustment.

PSI: 3600
GPM: 2.3 to 10.8

Inlet; 3/8" FPT,
Outlet; 1/2" MPT,
By-pass; 1/2" MPT.
Maximum Temperature is 165 Deg. F.

Best for Single Pump or Non Weep Guns.

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