10GPM at 3500psi Manatee Gear Drive with CRX 750cc MGD-1030CG & K7 Unloader

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Product Description

Transform your outdoor maintenance with the 10GPM at 3500psi Manatee Gear Drive with CRX 750cc. Enjoy seamless power cleaning with its incredibly powerful 10gpm manatee gear drive pressure washer and high-powered CRX 750cc motor. Get ready to tackle any job with confidence!

Featuring the Manatee Skid, CRX 750cc Motor, paired with a 10gpm General TSF2221 Pump Commercial Pressure Washer.

 This unit has a 20amp recharge system to keep your battery charged and also allow for your unit to run a Softwash or Hot Box without depleting the battery while out in the Field.


-CRX 750cc Motor


-CRX Low Oil Shut Off Sensor

-Ultra Quiet Lo-Fi Exhaust

-The Manatee Skid from Manatee Pressure wash supply and repair

-TSF2221 General Pump

-K7 Unloader


Ships with a Gun/ Wand Assembly, Tips, and a 50ft section of FIERCE JET Hose! 


Units are built to order and take a few days for shipping. Please be patient. Thank you.

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