Suttner 510 w/ Davis Shooter Tip & Soap Tip Soft Wash Gun

GPM: 3-7gpm (12v Systems)
Sale price$109.99


Introducing the Suttner 510 Soft Wash Gun: Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient Soft Washing

Experience unmatched performance and precision with the Suttner 510 Soft Wash Gun, paired with a Davis Shooter Tip, soap tip, and fitting. Engineered for seamless integration with 12v or gas-powered soft wash systems, this powerhouse combo delivers superior results for all your soft washing needs.

Key Features:

1. **Suttner 510 Soft Wash Gun:** Designed for professional-grade soft washing, the Suttner 510 Soft Wash Gun offers exceptional durability and ergonomics. Its lightweight yet robust construction ensures comfortable handling and long-term reliability.

2. **Davis Shooter Tip:** Enhance your soft washing capabilities with the Davis Shooter Tip, designed for optimal spray coverage and precise chemical application. Achieve uniform results with every use, thanks to its high-quality construction and versatile compatibility.

3. **Soap Tip:** The included soap tip allows for efficient distribution of cleaning solutions, ensuring thorough coverage and maximum effectiveness. Say goodbye to uneven application and hello to professional-quality results.

4. **Versatile Fitting:** Compatible with both 12v and gas-powered soft wash systems, the included fitting provides a secure connection for seamless integration. Enjoy hassle-free setup and reliable performance, whether you're using a portable or stationary system.

5. **Easy Operation:** With its intuitive design and user-friendly controls, the Suttner 510 Soft Wash Gun makes soft washing a breeze. Achieve professional results with minimal effort, thanks to its ergonomic handle and smooth trigger action.

Upgrade your soft washing arsenal with the Suttner 510 Soft Wash Gun and experience the difference in performance and efficiency. From residential to commercial applications, this powerhouse combo is your key to achieving outstanding results every time. Trust in the reliability and precision of Suttner and Davis Shooter for your soft washing needs.

  • Suttner 510 18gpm poly gun
  • 1/2" x 1/4" SS reducing bushing
  • 1/4" SS quick connect
  • Davis Shooter Tip 4gpm or 8gpm
  • 1/4" soap/fan tip
  • Davis dual holder w/ 1/4" ss quick connect

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