Plated Brass Ball Valve 3/8" w/SS QC

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Product Description

SWD plated brass ball valve is a lightweight, heavy-duty Italian-made item that can be found in pressure washing systems throughout a variety of placements. Its versatility and 3/8" pre-installed stainless steel fittings allow for ready-to-use applications as an instant and temporary water shut-off. In pressure washing applications users can shut off the water with a ball valve then change over to another spray gun setup without shutting down the entire system.

This specific series of Italian Ball Valve was a Top 5 Veloci item every month of 2021. Tens of thousands of people per year cannot be wrong about their choice of quality!


  • 3000 PSI
  • 176° Max Temp
  • Italian nickel plated brass valve with stainless 3/8” fittings installed

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