EZ Blend V3/V4 Soft Wash Mixing Proportioner with GF Metering Valves

Size: 1/2" Valves
Ports: V3 - 3 Port
Mounting Plate: None
Sale price$699.00


Get the best soft washing mixing proportioner valves and stop batch mixing TODAY!

The EZ Blend series proportioner mixer gets you out of batch mixing with your 12v or gas powered unit with top of the line manifold & metering ball valves.

This soft washing proportioner device was designed and built from a power washer who started from the bottom who knows the struggle with little money but brings a quality and reliable product to keep money staying in your pocket.

This is kit includes:

  • 3 or 4 inlet polypropylene custom mixing manifold
  • 3 or 4 GF Metering Valves 
  • 3 PVC check valves
  • SS hardware & Aluminum mounting plate
  • 1/2" Straight barbs for Water & Chem. 1/4" Barb for soap. 1" 90 Degree Barb out of the manifold with a 1" plug for flushing. 

Note: It is highly recommended to flush valves with fresh water or neutralizer after each use. All soap & extra soap valves are 1/2".

Lead time may take up to 1 week. 

Warranty: All items tested before leaving facility. All sales final. We are not responsible for improper instillation.

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