Agent Halt SH/Salt Neutralizer

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Product Description

Unique products designed for commercial Soft Wash Cleaning of houses, roofs and siding. Everything you need from chlorine enhancers to foam agents to neutralizers. Sold in one gallon pails or 55 gallon drums for high volume users. (For accurate chemical mixing, see our manifold assemblies on other pages in this catalog).

Agent Halt is a unique Neutralizer that works on siding, roofs, plants and windows for post wash rinse. Also a great product for rinse out of pumps and even vehicle surfaces and under carriages as a salt neutralizer. Makes windows sparkle after rinsing.

House Mix:

  • Proportioner 1-2 On Dial
  • X-Jet 1-3 oz. per 5 Gallon
  • Downstream 5-6 oz.per 5 Gallon
  • Mix Batch 5-6 oz.per 50 Gallon

Roof Mix:

  • Proportioner 3 On Soap Dial
  • Mix Batch 32 ozs.per 50 Gallon

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