50' Fierce Jet 1/2" 6,200 PSI 2 Wire Pressure Hose

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Product Description

1/2" Grey Smooth Cover 2 wire 6,200PSI 100ft Hoses by Fierce Jet.

 Many contractors have been looking for a solid 1/2 inch hose solution to add to their rigs. Many manufacturers offer a BLACK 1/2" hose, however it is prone to leaving black marks and is really hard to drag around a property.

 The Grey Non Marking 1/2" Hose by Fierce Jet is a perfect low profile option for high pressure hose for your equipment.

 These lightweight 2 wire hoses can still handle 6,200PSI and work with heat applications up to 311 Degrees.

 This hose comes in 50' and 100' sections.

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